Orso Converse collection

Orso Converse

Orso Converse is the perfect bedroom for your little princess or prince arriving in your life! The simplicity of nordic style and a baby’s world come together thanks to a lovely teddybear and tiny colored crowns that will turn your baby’s nap time into a magical moment. In this collection it is possible to find a new version of the iconic Converse cradle that is more functional and can change into a bed easily. You can find embroidered sheets in greyscale or in multicolor solutions such as yellow or light blue. Orso Converse is a perfect mix of colors and decorations that everyone will fall in love with!

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Project: internationalization of Picci Srl, assistance granted amounted to 38.499,20€
The project's main aim is to raise the profile and promote Picci across foreign markets at an international level.