Create your kids bedroom

On our online shop it’s easy and practical to customize your baby’s room. Selecting the collection you prefer in Bedrooms section you can visit the page dedicated to the complete bedroom. Just click on the symbol related to each product in order to choose the accessory or the forniture you need.

Choose the quantity for each item

You can easily select the quantity for each item you desire in the section that appears in overlay. For example, if you need 2 cots or 3 bed sheets, that’s the moment you have to express your preference.

Add any accessory you want

Closing this section you’ll see the updated quantity for each selected item near the bedroom general photo in the high side of the web page. As for the previous item, you can proceed in the same way for other products you’re interested in, until you complete the bedroom for you baby.

Make your idea comes true

At this point you need only to finalize your order with all the necessary and make your bedroom project real. Click “add to chart”, and transfer the items in your shopping cart. Now you can purchase with credit card or bank transfer and wait at home the arrival of your order.
Mum have a rest, it’s up to us taking care of you!

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