You and me Evolution

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You and Me Evolution

The You & Me Dilibest cradle has a contemporary and essential taste, following the latest trends in color and design of furnishings to match the style of your room. Ideal to accompany the child in the growth process, the cradle coo-sleeping helps to regulate the biological clock, facilitates night feeding and reinforces the mutual bond between parent and newborn. Adjustable to up to 5 different heights, which renders it more secure: with a simple gesture you can control the position of your baby in order to avoid regurgitation. Moreover, it is very easy to move thanks to the swivel wheels and brakes. Also included is a musical mobile and a protective mosquito net. Irresistible!

PICCI Srl Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020
Project: internationalization of Picci Srl. CUP ST: 12057.23072018.127000635. Assistance granted amounted to 27.999,26€
The project's main aim is to raise the profile and promote Picci across foreign markets at an international level.