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  • NannaDì Padded Reducer with Mattress Sleepy Milky
    NannaDì Padded Reducer is an innovative reducer that you won’t be able to give up! Ideal for the comfort of newborns, it will make them feel protected as when they were in the womb, thanks to its oval and soft shape which favors resting in a supine position. It can be used both in co-sleeping and as a reducer for a cot or cradle, but also in an open mode that favors the freedom of movement of the lower limbs. In any case, safety is guaranteed! Starting at 6 months, it is also perfect as a relaxation area. The Sleepy collection embodies romanticism and refinement. Declined in white and cream variants both in the furnishings and in the textile accessories, in Sleepy the uniqueness and quality of the materials blend with the sweetness of the shapes. Two little bears hug tenderly, making the baby feel soft and fantastic.
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